Stinger Shad - 100 Count - Variety Box

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Float like a minnow, Sting like a shad...

Stinger tail baits are a go to design for crappie fishermen. The lure's fluke-like shape perfectly imitates the body of a minnow or young shad. The thin tail creates a darting action similar to that of a fleeing bait fish. Slab Crappie will not be able to resist this classic. 


  • 100 Count Variety Box
  • 2" Stinger Shad
  • 10 Unique Color Patterns!
  • Case Included!

Handcrafted by Fishermen, for Fishermen.

Using only high quality materials and built with precision skill our soft plastic baits are durable, and dependable. We're fishermen too! We know how important it is to keep your bait in the water and a fish on the line! If your not happy we'll make it right, it's that simple.

Stinger Shad - 100 Count - Variety Box
Stinger Shad - 100 Count - Variety Box

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