7N7 - Hand Tied Crappie Jig

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Hand Tied Crappie Jigs

Served on the rocks, bring all the fish home... 

A dash of disco lime paired with a 2 tone maribou, combine to create a cocktail the fish can't resist. Drop a line and let the fun begin. 


  • Available in 3 sizes : 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/64 (#6 Hook)
  • Marabou Tail 
  • Round Jig Head 
  • Powder coated and hardened 
  • #4 sickle hook 
  • Krystal Flash 
  • Chenille body

    Handcrafted by Fishermen, for Fishermen.

    Using only high quality materials and built with precision skill our hand tied Crappie jigs are durable, and dependable. We're fishermen too! We know how important it is to keep your bait in the water and a fish on the line! If your not happy we'll make it right, it's that simple.

       Crappie jig featuring a disco lime round jig head, Olive and brown 2 tone marabou tail and copper flash. Hand tied onto a #4 sickle hook by Ramble Tamble Tackle.
      7N7 - Hand Tied Crappie Jig

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