Beat the heat: Catch Crappie all summer long!

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Where to find Summer Slabs? Catch Crappie all year long

Fish the shade. Open water standing timber, any above the surface and below the surface structures are always a plus. 

Learn about identifying the Thermocline in the waterways you fish. We won't get into the science, but it's often the the ticket to the sweet spot of the water column! Finding this zone can increase your chances of catching Crappie.

Hand tied Crappie jig featuring a custom Ghost gray minnow head, irrodescent 3D eyes, Grey Ghost body chenille, Gray marabou tail, and pearl flash. Hand tied onto a #4 Mustad sickle hook by Ramble Tamble Tackle.
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No matter the season follow the bait to catch Crappie!

Baitfish are the ticket to catching Crappie in the Summer, and catching Crappie all year long! There is a ton of focus on deep water and cooler water temperatures. Both can often be the key to a good day. One factor that will always reign supreme in our opinion is baitfish, find the bait, and you will catch Crappie regardless of the water temperature or depth, they will be close, and they have to eat! Choose a lure that mimics their next meal! Following the bait will increase your chances of catching Crappie.

Find the bait to catch more Crappie

Hand tied Crappie jig featuring a Round Chartreuse jig head,black/silver newage chenille, Chartreuse hackle tail with silverl flash. Hand tied onto a #4 Mustad sickle hook by Ramble Tamble Tackle.
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Focus on lure profile to catch Crappie

Try small lure profiles and weights. A slower fall can help you stay in the strike zone longer to help entice those Summer Slabs! Rooster hackle is a great tail material to try on your next Summer outing. To catch Crappie on Summer days don't be afraid to switch things up. 

Lure profile is a factor and will help you catch Crappie all Summer long.

Changing lure colors

To catch Crappie during the Summer, the smallest details in lure color can be the difference in catching a few or catching a limit of Crappie. If the bite is slow switch your lure color to nail down the bite!

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